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Mouseless Stack-Calculator is a innovative online and offline calculator based on Javascript. It has two modes: a stack-mode and an RPN-mode. The well known RPN stands for Reverse Polish Notation and it saves you time as it avoids the use of parenthesis. The only catch is that the entry of data is a bit different to what most people expect, so you have to learn to work with it. The stackmode of this calculator is new. It's a bit similar to RPN in the way that is also uses a stack an avoids the use of parenthesis. But it's unique in the way that it has no reversed data entry but follows the 'normal' sequence. All calculations can be done by use of the keyboard, so no time consuming mouse clicks. Now with support for complex numbers and fractions!

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  • Flexible and intuitive user interface
  • Complete insight in entered expression
  • All the advantages of RPN in RPN-mode
  • Keyboard for all data entry (as you would expect from a calculator)
  • Most frequent used instructions only need 1 key; other instructions 2 keys
  • Integrated currency converter with actual rates (from ECB)
  • Arbitrary-precision decimal representation (no rounding errors)
  • Multi-level undo
  • Support for complex numbers and polar/rectangular conversions
  • Stack and memory are saved on your computer for future use
  • Flexible number notation: normal, financial, scientific, engineering, h:m:s, h:m, hexadecimal, octal, binary, fractions, complex (rectangular and polar)
  • 30 last answers
  • 30 memories to store intermediate results
  • Copy results to clipboard for use in other programs
  • Mathematical calculations
  • Works with hours (or degrees), minutes, seconds
  • Statistical and probability calculations
  • Financial calculations like CAGR, Annuity and CashFlow
  • Physical constants and conversions

Example in stack-mode: 78 + (45/15)^3.78