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Stack-Calculator is developed by Frans Schrijver. Please let me know if like the application or if you have any suggestions for improvements.

✉️ fsch0203@gmail.com

This is free software, but you're always welcome to pay a small contribution if you like it.

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Change history

Version 1.240

  • Bug fix: accept entry with negative exponent correctly

Version 1.230

  • Extension ported to MS-Edge
  • Last position of window is saved
  • ECB now only provider of daily exchange rates (yahoo removed)
  • Minor bugs fixed

Version 1.220

  • No thousandseparator in case of hexadecimal, octal and binary numbers
  • Bug fix: corrected displayed expression in case of inverse function (1/x)
  • Extension now standard opens in seperate window; letter [b] no longer used

Version 1.210

  • Notation integer added
  • Bug fix: trig functions now work again with degrees
  • Bug fix: entry if digit f in hexadecimal now working
  • Minor bugs fixed

Version 1.200

  • Support for complex numbers
  • Support for multiple languages (now English and Dutch)
  • Exchange menu feeded with conversion results
  • New menu for notations
  • Last_x added

Version 1.110

  • Added ctrl-c and ctrl-v for copy and paste clipboard
  • Bug fix: clear stack now really cleared

Version 1.100

  • Bug fix: activated escape key

Version 1.000

  • First release for PortableApps
  • Added notation for fractions
  • Data entry of fractions, e.g. 3\16 (internally calculated as 0.1875)
  • Bug fix: correct hex numbers entry
  • Bug fix: correct h:m:s numbers entry

Version 0.810

  • Fixed minor bugs
  • Desktop version (based on NodeWebkit) added
  • Version 5.01 of decimal.js included
  • Option to display, enter and calculate hexadecimal, octal and binary numbers

Version 0.800

  • Integration of decimal.js that provides arbitrary-precision decimal representation (thanks to MikeMcl)
  • Stopped using cookies, now uses local storage (as web-application) and chrome storage (as chrome extension and app)

Version 0.724

  • Restricted permissions to access only ECB data (currency rates)

Version 0.723

  • Added compatibility to work as Chrome extension, as packaged app and in webbrowser
  • Minor bugs

Version 0.710

  • Exchange rates added
  • Prefixes added to engineering notation
  • Uppercase input converted to lowercase
  • Improved conversion menu
  • Improved financial entry menu
  • Remember x-value when switching to stack-mode
  • Hide Options menu after selecting option

Version 0.700

  • Option added to work with hours:minutes:seconds (or degrees:minutes:seconds)
  • Changed initial precision to 16 to prevent rounding errors
  • Prevent display of e+0 and e-0 in scientific notation

Version 0.603

  • link to homepage in footer added
  • script for google analytics added

Version 0.60

  • Integration of stack-calculator and rpn-calculator
  • Improvement of data entry for financial calculations

Version 0.50

  • Major revision of layout to make user interface more simple
  • History sheet skipped in favor of calculated formulas + lastanswers memory
  • Formula of executed calculation in every stack memory
  • Lastanswer memory increased to 30 places
  • Improved user interface for financial calculations
  • Only one memory block (30 places)
  • Covariance and correlation functions skipped

Version 0.44

  • Last Answers as default memory
  • Option added to paste clipboard content in x-register
  • Corrected rounding in memories and history sheet
  • Entry of negative exponent in scientific notation with minus-key
  • Added thousands separator as option under [o] notation

Version 0.43

  • Activated Backspace key
  • Added some physical constants

Version 0.42

  • Option added to open calculator in separate window (press [b])
  • Annuity calculations not always correct if historic information was used

Version 0.40

  • Financial calculations more logical and user friendly (submenus for CAGR, Annuity and Cashflow calculations)
  • Extra Memory-block with Last Answers (press [z] twice)
  • Scroll direction of History-box corrected
  • Some minor bugs

Version 0.30

  • First release as Chrome extension

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